With the master of his time, Robert Conerly aka Bobby Conerly, making stunning success showcasing his talent on the global arena, his career as a recording artist has always been on a high. He began in 1970 with Duke Peacock Record Label with his first releases being ‘A Whole Lot of Soul is Gone’ and ‘Little Girls Go Home’. Moving towards working with Ovide label in collaboration with the Entertainers Band and later with Leon Haywad along with Williard Burton, Rob’s career had always been flourishing. The next achievement for him came on joining Tommy Couch of the Malaco Music Group as a staff writer. This was the pinnacle of his career as he wrote hit songs for Marvin Sease, Mel Waiters, The Pilgrim Jubilees, Denise Lasalle and many others. In 2000, Rob started releasing CDs on his label, leading to a deal with Aviara Music. Having earned an Associate Degree in Music Productions, Rob is now the Owner and President of the Rob-Kmusic Label. From hip hop music to pop, Rob-Kmusic gives you a playlist from every genre which has been fascinating listeners over a long period of time.